About TruckerTracker
TruckerTracker is a project built to make finding and tracking user accounts from TruckersMP, the multiplayer modification for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. The site is built using the public APIs for both TruckersMP and Steam and all information is publically available from those platforms.

TruckerTracker allows you to specifically track a user profile, giving you a notification if they are banned, this can be used to track a user you have reported, then when they are banned you get told! To track a user, sign into the site, visit the users profile and press track.

To track a users profile, simply login using your steam account, visit the users profile then press Track this User.

Once you've tracked a user you will get a notification on the site when they receive a punishment.

To avoid any issues with API limits, all data is cached on the server with requests for user profiles being made once every 10 minutes and the server status page being updated automatically every minute.
As the system contains information that is publically available, there is no way to "hide" a profile using TruckerTracker, however users are able to request a profile banner tag if they wish. Tweeting our status bot with the message you want along with your SteamID64, we will be able to assign the banner to your profile. An example is below;

Our Twitter account serves as a way to get notified of the status for TruckersMP, if there is downtime the system automatically detects and sends out a tweet. Be sure to follow for the latest information - Twitter
Join the discussion on our Discord Server: https://www.truckertracker.xyz/discord
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