Privacy PolicyLast Updated: 24th May 2017

Data Storage

All data stored on TruckerTracker is publically available information using the Public API's from Valve Software and TruckersMP. TruckerTracker will be storing the information gathered for use as a searchable tool that will display the publically available information.

All information can be updated every 10 minutes if a user visits the account page for the specific user. A user cannot have their information removed from our system as it is publically available information.

All information is stored on a secure server and will not be sold, shared or given to any third parties.

Stored Information

Information that identifies a user stored: SteamID64, TruckersMP ID and TruckersMP Username.

Removing User Information

The site makes use of public information from the Steam and TruckersMP API, all information cannot be removed from TruckerTracker unless it becomes unavailable from the retrieving APIs. We cannot remove specific users data from the site.


By using TruckerTracker, you agree to all the terms described in this privacy policy. This information can be updated at any time without notice.

Privacy Policy - TruckerTracker

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